February 25, 2021 turkkylegmailcom

Meerkat Marketing Recognized for Coronavirus Communications at the Summit International Marketing Effectiveness Awards


The Meerkat team has worked closely with our clients at numbercrunch inc. to create valuable and educational content for their audience as we continue to navigate the ever-changing waters of the pandemic. Numbercrunch is a dynamic full-service outsourced financial solution team servicing ambitious tech startups and SMEs in the Ottawa region. 

Through blog posts, video content, webinars and more, numbercrunch continues to provide their clients and community composed of small business owners, with access to the essential information they need to understand funding programs and eligibility criteria, ultimately helping them to reap the benefits of the government funding that has been provided throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are proud to share that these efforts have been recognized as our team was honoured as a Platinum Winner in the 2020 Summit International Marketing Effectiveness Awards Coronavirus Communications category for numbercrunch’s COVID-19 Strategic Content Marketing Strategy!

We’d like to extend a major thank you to numbercrunch’s Co-Founder Susan Richards, for her commitment over the past year to working with us to create timely, supportive, and valuable content for local small businesses to take advantage of all of the Government support available to them. Our team was happy to work with her to make sure we reached as many local businesses as possible with the content we created, especially during such a challenging time.

“Susan has been completely invested in the success of small businesses and local organizations throughout the pandemic. The minute Government support is announced, she has been able to breakdown the eligibility criteria and help numerous organizations stay afloat to keep their teams employed. It has been a true pleasure to work with Susan to help reach as many businesses as possible with her valuable information.” – Kyle Turk, CEO, Meerkat Marketing

Be sure to visit numbercrunch’s Linkedin page to check out their wealth of content for yourself!

Over the past 26-years, the Summit Award organization has established itself as an arbiter of creative and marketing excellence by providing validation of award-winning work. It functions as a respected, international, industry-wide critique.


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