Marketing Strategy

We take a holistic approach to understanding your short and long-term goals and create marketing strategies, plans, and budgets to achieve your goals and exceed expectations.


Through extensive stakeholder consultations, and by performing a marketing audit of the current tactics and strategy in place, Meerkat Marketing will develop a fully detailed marketing and brand strategy with the long-term objective of building brand awareness, engagement, driving revenues, highlighting your unique value sets, and telling your brand story.

The marketing strategy itself for each organization is customized and tailored for each of our clients. At times, our marketing strategies for our clients include a re-branding exercise and other times there is already a strong brand in place and there is a need for a marketing strategy to capitalize on that brand. Our marketing strategies almost always include a strong digital marketing component that includes a social media marketing plan, content marketing plan, email marketing plan, lead generation and campaign recommendations, website updates and more.

1. Positioning your marketing message

Your unique positioning is what will set you apart from the competition and provide clarity about how you want to present your businesses throughout your marketing copy.

2. Delivering the right message, in the right way, at the right time. 

What value will you offer your target market that they can’t get anywhere else? What will make them think the value they’re receiving surpasses the financial investment required?

3. Creating your marketing objectives

We create marketing goals and metrics that align with your business objectives. For each business/organization, we will set milestones and metrics (i.e. unique traffic, engagement, qualified leads, etc.) in order to reach your goals.

4. Creating your marketing plan

The marketing plan will revolve around a marketing budget that outlines the specific tactics needed to achieve your marketing goals. These include strategic partnerships, influencer marketing, social media, content marketing and more. The marketing plan includes the creative approach and branding elements needed to effectively put the marketing plan into action.

5. Creating your marketing reports

Creation of monthly marketing reports from social media, Google Analytics and other platforms from your marketing technology stack to provide an understanding of performance and optimize the marketing plan as needed.


Defining the requirements for the marketing strategy

We begin with an organizational analysis with the relevant stakeholders in your business. Through consultations and market research, we will identify both current gaps and areas to optimize your marketing processes and procedures. We will then identify reasons why someone would or wouldn’t be a customer. We will set out realistic goals and objectives to achieve so that we can keep success at the forefront to ensure a successful engagement.

Building your marketing strategy

After identifying the full plan and objectives to achieve success we will begin creating a customized marketing strategy and plan. It is in this phase that we will provide a clear layout of the path that we believe your company / organization should take to achieve your marketing objectives.

Execution of the marketing strategy 

Once the proposed plan is clearly defined and agreed upon by all the stakeholders involved, we can move on to the execution phase. Training will be provided for in-house resources to execute items on the plan when needed. For any execution needs, the roles and expectations of each individual involved and the full scope of each item in the project will be clearly defined, so that there is full transparency on both sides as to what will be needed to achieve success.

Reporting on the results of your marketing strategy

We will implement reporting metrics and analytics to ensure we are able to track your performance and optimize your marketing strategy and plan to ensure we are maximizing results.


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