April 21, 2020 turkkylegmailcom

What Should Businesses Post on LinkedIn Right Now?

LinkedIn has recently released statistics surrounding what has been performing best on its platform for company pages. By analyzing data from Jan 1, 2020 to April 14, 2020 they have identified that 25% of company page posts are mentioning “COVID-19” or “coronavirus”.

During this difficult and unique time in our lives, they have found that COVID-19 related company posts are outperforming other types of posts. Specifically those with the most engagement were posts about a companies efforts to support communities, teams and their customers. Messaging that surrounded public health also had a correlation with better engagement.

LinedIn has also analyzed keywords in the post that had the highest engagement and seemed to resonate best with the LinkedIn audience. The results showed that using messaging that conveyed empathy and unity performed best. Top performing posts used these words frequently: health, help, people, employees, support, social distancing, health authorities, public heath, take care and healthcare workers.

Hopefully this data can help marketers and business owners in their journey to continue to stay engaged and support their communities on LinkedIn during COVID-19.

Read the full article on the LinkedIn Talent Blog


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