December 30, 2020 turkkylegmailcom

Who Won in the Forbes Social Media Awards 2020?


During the COVID-19 pandemic, social media boomed. With more people spending time at home and less on the go due to quarantining and lockdowns, came the rise of TikTok and a number of young stars on the platform becoming today’s celebrities.

Forbes has recently released their Social Media Awards in 2020 with none other than young TikTok star Charli D’Amelio being named the Forbes Person of the Year in Social Media.

If you haven’t tuned into TikTok yet, we recommend you take it for a spin, whether just to browse and stay up with the trends of our youth, or to try the many challenges for some entertainment in 2021. That said, being tuned into TikTok and the new social media trends will help familiarize you with 2021’s list (I’m assuming).

Here are the rest of the winners in the 2020 Forbes Social Media Awards:

Best Product: Cameo

Most Intriguing Newcomer: Clubhouse

Disruptive Innovator: TikTok

Annus Horribilis: President Donald Trump

Learn more about the winners and categories: 2020 Forbes Social Media Awards


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