May 4, 2020 turkkylegmailcom

Virtual Zoom Backgrounds: A New Wave of Branding

Marketers and business owners alike have had to get creative with their branding strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Any business whose branding strategy was dependent on out of home advertising (billboards, bus advertising, etc.) has seen a drastic decrease in their brand impressions with the #stayhome movement and social distancing. In addition, brands that relied on events and sponsorships to increase their brand presence and recall has had to adapt and find new branding strategies.

With a massive increase in popularity of Zoom and other video conference platforms, brands have been looking for ways to leverage this captive audience to increase their brand awareness.

According to CNBC, daily Zoom app downloads have increased 30x year-over-year and Zoom states that daily users spiked to 200 million in March 2020, up from 10 million in December 2019.

Branded Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

After the trend of customizing Zoom virtual backgrounds became the norm for many, a number of brands and their leaders have begun shifting focus on how to keep their brand present while a captive targeted audience is tuned in for long durations of time. Whether it’s team meetings to keep employees engaged with their brand, for video webinars, video interviews, or virtual networking events, branded Zoom backgrounds have been starting conversations, helping brands to stay front and centre in a virtual world.

Our client numbercrunch has created a number of branded Zoom virtual backgrounds to stay fresh with their brand presence while on video conferences and virtual events.


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