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2024 LinkedIn Predictions Based on Analyzing 2023 Data

As we bid farewell to another impactful year on LinkedIn, it’s time for our Meerkats to set our sights on what lies ahead. At Meerkat Marketing, we’ve meticulously analyzed trends from 20+ LinkedIn company page clients in 2023.

The Resurgence of Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

Thought leadership is back! Remember the days when you posted a link to valuable content that resided on your website, and your reach was restricted compared to any other type of post? Those days are over, and LinkedIn is prioritizing valuable informational/educational content.

Tip: Don’t just post short-form captions with a link to your blog. Provide your audiences with a longer-form caption that summarizes the article with key insights and drives viewers to your blog for more details. Longer-form captions for this type of post will outperform shorter captions. 

Carousel post formats emerged as a successful content format on LinkedIn in 2023, and we predict this trend will continue in 2024. Providing quick tips that are easy to consume with a few clicks through visually pleasing slides will drive high engagement. 

Our prediction for 2024: Low-value AI-generated content will not perform well on LinkedIn. Informational content coupled with the authenticity of personal experiences delivered by a representative from your organization will drive higher engagement and reach in 2024 for thought leadership posts. LinkedIn users are craving more than just polished business jargon. Personal experiences and genuine narratives will be the keys to driving deeper relationships. Share your challenges, victories, and lessons that have shaped your journey.

“Add in a call-to-action to drive your audience to your website for more information on your core topics. Your LinkedIn strategy should work with your overall content strategy to drive your audience to action and guide them along the customer journey.” – Kyle Turk, CEO, Meerkat Marketing

Event Moments

Reflecting on the success stories of the past year on LinkedIn, posts featuring real people at events were the show’s stars. The energy, the connections, and the shared experiences – these are the elements that make your brand, leaders and team relatable. 

Our prediction for 2024: Make events a cornerstone of your LinkedIn content strategy. Whether you’re attending fundraisers, industry events and conferences, hosting clients or team events – capture and share these memories with your audience as we predict this trend will continue.

Tip: We come back to the importance of captions on LinkedIn – don’t just put a short caption mentioning what event you were at and tag the people in the photos. Create a valuable caption with longer-form content that includes insights from the event, key takeaways, why you were there, what you did, who you connected with, etc. Provide value to your audience in your posts. 

The Power of Golf: Photos from golf tournaments stood out as unexpected champions in 2023. The personal touch, the camaraderie, the natural light and the unique setting created a perfect storm for engagement. In 2024, don’t underestimate the power that golf can bring to your engagement and audience and capture these experiences on LinkedIn. 


The Worst Performing Posts of 2023 on LinkedIn

Our data shows that LinkedIn audiences don’t care for generic posts wishing you a happy Mother’s Day, Canada Day, Halloween, or even Remembrance Day. From a brand perspective, these posts aren’t bad to do but don’t expect to see the same engagement as other posts. These posts serve a purpose for many brands, so we’re not saying don’t do them, but do them better. Use engaging and unique visuals and captions. Don’t use the same AI-generated couple of sentences as everyone else or the same Canva graphic as your competitors. 

Tip: Instead of generic posts, make your posts more valuable by telling your audience why you’re celebrating these days of the year. Are there insights you can provide to your audience that arm them with more knowledge or history that pertains to your brand, values or cause? Think outside the box for these posts, and perhaps instead of a Canva graphic, show what your team is doing to celebrate Remembrance Day at the office; find a way to build deeper connections with these days of the year.


LinkedIn in 2024

As we embark on a new year, armed with insights from 2023, it’s clear that authenticity, personalization, and thought leadership will dominate the LinkedIn landscape. At Meerkat Marketing, we work with clients in all industries to craft a winning and consistent LinkedIn presence.

Are you ready to make 2024 the year your brand shines on LinkedIn? Let’s connect, collaborate, and create content that makes a lasting impact.

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