March 17, 2021 turkkylegmailcom

3 Tips to Create a Better User Experience on Your Website

There has been an added focus on creating new and updating existing websites over the last year. With more and more business being done online, the importance of having a standout and user friendly website has never been higher. Our most popular service offering to date in 2021 has been website development and design. There is a common theme and a number of conversations that revolve around the user experience. 


We have compiled 3 considerations for businesses and organizations when developing plans and content for a new or updated website. 


1. Keep it simple.

There are a number of business owners and marketers that forget to take themselves out of their bubble and inside knowledge of an organization. There tends to be a desire to explain the complicated processes and technical detail of what a business does, while using complex wording to explain it. Within a few seconds of looking at your webpage the viewer should know exactly what you do and how you can help them. By keeping your language simple, clean and clear you will reduce your bounce rates and increase your conversions. 

In addition to simplifying your website copy and content, you should simplify your menu and number of core pages on your website. I have seen a number of menus recently with up to 10 menu items all with multiple sub-menu options underneath. Most visitors will likely visit an average of 2 pages on your website. Make sure you don’t overwhelm the user with too many choices and create a clear path for the user.  


2. Keep it above the fold.

Your core message should be on your homepage banner above the fold (without having to scroll down). Your call-to-action(s) should be visible and easy to use to guide the visitor down your desired journey on the website or have the options clearly laid out based on the users preferences. This could include 1-3 buttons that direct them to your product/service pages or to contact you for more information. 


3. Simplify your imagery and colour schemes

Make it clean and visually appealing for your visitors. If you have too many colours, detailed graphical content, or too many different styles to your imagery, your website will become a sensory overload. You should have a clear style to your website’s graphics and a clear colour scheme of 2-3 colours. Rid your site of any unnecessary elements and deliver valuable content that helps achieve your website objectives (conversions, branding, content consumption, etc.) If there are too many distractions, you will take away attention from the elements that drive value to both your visitors and your business. 


Use these considerations when you are beginning to look at updating or creating a new website. If you are able to simplify your website design, you’ll create better experiences for your users and drive better results from your online presence.


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