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Marketing Trends Our Meerkats Are Watching in 2024

4 key trends that will define and reshape how brands connect with audiences

In the evolving marketing landscape, staying ahead of the curve is not merely a strategy; it’s a necessity. As we enter 2024, the marketing realm continues to undergo transformative shifts guided by technological innovations, shifting consumer behaviours, and dynamic market forces.

Here are 4 key trends that will define success and reshape how brands connect with audiences in 2024

Artificial intelligence in marketing

64% of marketers already use AI as part of their toolbox (according to Hubspot) for content creation, research, search, admin tasks, customer experience and more. Unsurprisingly, the AI journey in marketing will continue to grow in 2024.

AI brings forth numerous possibilities, but it’s not a standalone force. It requires individuals equipped with expertise, creativity, and empathy to utilize to its full potential.” – Kyle Turk, CEO, Meerkat Marketing

The challenge with AI: We’re already beginning to see a rise in low-value generic content across websites and LinkedIn.

Tip: Human-driven content should be at the forefront of content creation rather than relying on content generated by chatbots. Use AI to optimize your messaging for your target audience by using it for researching and refining. Keep a human voice and personality in your content.

A renewed focus on current customers

Current customers are not just transactions; they are invaluable assets that can fuel your marketing strategy and propel your business to new heights. From cross-selling products and services to becoming passionate advocates, every satisfied customer is an opportunity for growth.

Demonstrating a deep understanding of your customers enhances their overall experience and boosts revenue streams through new products and services. This understanding will also translate into how you can attract more like-minded customers.

Let’s not forget the power of referrals, word-of-mouth, social and Google reviews, and testimonials to bring new customers who already trust your brand.

Tip: Use an omnichannel approach to engaging your customers through surveys, email marketing, gamification, exclusive events, loyalty programs, and more.

Expect Google Search & SEO rank changes

Google is set to release their generative AI search results in 2024. This will tremendously impact search rankings and what type of content will rank.

Google is prioritizing content that is first-person, credible, and driven by personality as a response to the abundance of low-value AI-written content.

We’ve seen first-person, valuable content based on experiences resonating best on LinkedIn this past year. I expect this will also start to translate for blogs and information on company websites.” – Kyle Turk, CEO, Meerkat Marketing

Tip: Utilize your brand personalities, thought leaders and leadership team to add personality and a voice to your blogs in 2024.

More collaboration between Sales and Marketing

Salesy messaging in marketing and advertising activities won’t perform in 2024. Marketing has evolved into more segmented and niche targeting based on account types and personas. By collaborating with sales, marketers can better understand challenges and create campaigns that align with sales to personalize solutions for groups of customers.

This type of marketing brings forth the need for marketing and sales departments to have clear processes and responsibilities to drive customers through the funnel to optimize the performance and ROI of marketing campaigns.

Tip: Review your sales processes to understand how your marketing and sales teams will collaborate to drive new business. When marketing brings a new lead to the table, what happens next? How will marketing support acquiring accounts when sales teams create pursuit lists?

As our meerkats diligently observe the horizon, 2024 is a year of profound transformation in the marketing industry. Artificial intelligence demands a delicate balance to infuse human creativity into its vast potential. A renewed focus on current customers emerges as a strategic imperative, recognizing their role as invaluable partners in fueling growth. As Google reshapes its search dynamics with generative AI results, the landscape of SEO undergoes seismic shifts. Collaboration becomes the heartbeat of success as the relationship between sales and marketing takes center stage. In the unfolding chapters of 2024, the stage is set for a dynamic journey into a marketing future where innovation and adaptation reign supreme.

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