Company Page LinkedIn Management Services

Our most popular service that we offer is LinkedIn Management for organizations looking to grow their reach, awareness and engagement on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn Needs to be Part of Your Social Media Presence?

LinkedIn Statistics

Did you know that there are over 1 billion members on LinkedIn? Of those users they consume 280 billion feed updates annually with 134 million are active daily users. If that’s not enough to convince you of the power of LinkedIn, there are over 30 million companies on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is also the most-used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies.

LinkedIn Drives action

4 out of 5 members on LinkedIn drive business decisions, and LinkedIn also boasts the largest B2B display advertising network in the USA, with 32.2% of the market. Out of all of the social media networks, LinkedIn drives 64% of visits to corporate websites referred from social platforms.

Company culture and recruitment

77 job applications are submitted on LinkedIn every second of the day with 49 million users utilizing the platform to search for jobs every week. You better believe if you want to attract top talent in today’s age, they’re looking at your LinkedIn page. Are you active and sharing the right content to elicit the trust of potential job seekers?

Our Company Page LinkedIn Management Services

Company Pages

Our services include creating a new LinkedIn company page if you haven’t already done so or optimizing your current LinkedIn page for performance. This includes creating attention-grabbing and professional profile images and cover photo banners, custom call-to-actions, and ensuring your profile is complete with company information, headline, location, lead gen forms, and more.

LinkedIn Strategies to Drive Results

Our strategies begin with targeted growth for followers of your company page. We embark on a journey of understanding your target market and your business and work towards a growth plan for your company page that will drive results.

We will analyze your current company page analytics, if your page is active, and develop strategies to craft post formats, messaging, your brand voice, and positioning to ensure we drive performance and return for your investment on the LinkedIn platform.

Posting on Your Company LinkedIn Page

We have a proven track record of crafting exceptional posts that resonate with our client’s target markets. We consider every detail utilizing your data to understand the best time and days to post your content, messaging that resonates with your audience, call-to-actions and post formats (photo, video, events, polls, documents, carousels, and more) that drive engagement and action with your followers.

Posting for Leaders of Your Company on Personal LinkedIn Pages

It is no secret that personal posts will reach a larger audience compared to posting on company pages. We work with leaders and faces of your brand to ensure we are able to utilize their profiles for company page growth and as a wider-network for marquee content.

LinkedIn Analytics + Reporting

Data is the key to optimizing your performance on any social media channel and LinkedIn is no exception. We will monitor and analyze your LinkedIn performance and provide a monthly customized LinkedIn report to understand user behaviour and optimize strategies and posts for your company page. Everything from visitor information, post analytics, followers, competitors, leads and more. Our meerkats will dig beyond the vanity metrics and provide actionable insights to drive performance on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Ad Management

If required, we can set up your LinkedIn campaign manager so that you can run LinkedIn ads. We will work with you to ensure we create LinkedIn ads with the right objective, expected outcomes and metrics, the right format, whether image-based, videos, carousels, etc., the right bidding strategies, and the right creatives to drive action. With niche targeting capabilities, our clients love that they can target CFOs in Ottawa working at technology companies with 100+ employees, for example.

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Sample of our LinkedIn Clients

Our Company Page LinkedIn Management Process


Step 1

We get to know your business, your industry, and your target audience. We will work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives, preferred styles and scope for your LinkedIn. LinkedIn strategies will be aligned with what will drive optimal results for your business.

Strategy Development

Step 2

Based on our discovery process, we’ll develop a customized plan and strategy that is tailored to your business. This may include optimizing profiles, a content calendar, post formats, templates, and more. We will present our strategy to you for review and feedback before moving forward.


Step 3

Once you have approved our strategy, we will begin executing it. This can include creating post series, creating creative captions and graphics, as well as publishing content, monitoring comments and messages, and more. We will keep you updated on our progress every step of the way.

Analytics + Reporting


We believe that data is key to any successful marketing campaign, which is why we will analyze the performance of your LinkedIn on an ongoing basis. We will provide you with monthly reports that detail key metrics such as engagement, reactions, reach, and more. We will also use this data to make informed decisions about our strategies moving forward.

Ready to use LinkedIn to drive your business forward?

In 1 month, Meerkat was able to deliver a year over year increase of 2006% in LinkedIn referrals to our website. Their offering is customizable and client specific which made it truly appealing. Without a doubt they believe in what they do and that comes through in their approach.”

Susan Richards, Co-Founder, numbercrunch


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