May 20, 2020 turkkylegmailcom

33 Expert B2B Content Marketing Tips for Lead Generation

Our President Kyle Turk was recently featured in UpCity’s “33 Expert B2B Content Marketing Tips for Lead Generation” article.

Turk was quoted commenting on the type of Content Marketing that he has found to be most effective for generating B2B leads.

“The type of content that I have found to be the most effective for generating B2B leads is white papers. The real value with this type of content is not the social media performance but rather driving actual revenue and marketing qualified leads. Creating a series of guides or white papers can also be beneficial to increase touch points with your target audience.

If you are creating guides or white papers you can’t simply post them on your website and expect people to download them. By using social media advertising, specifically LinkedIn Sponsored Content, you can target a very narrow audience matching your buyer personas and promote the piece of content to drive marketing qualified leads.”

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