We specialize in branding. With years of experience providing brand audits, brand strategies, and creating brand identities – we understand both the creative and strategic elements of branding.

We are an Ottawa based marketing and branding agency 

By blending both the strategic and creative components to branding, we approach each client uniquely to truly understand your business, challenges and discover a new concept for your brand that resonates with your audience. 

We deliver branding services to our clients both locally in Ottawa, Ontario and nationally. We have worked with brands both big and small, providing a range of branding services including messaging strategy, telling brand stories, creating a brand voice and more.

We have worked with a number of brands in a variety of industries including construction, real estate, professional services, retail, healthcare, education, food and beverage, retail, consumer packaged goods, not-for-profit, automotive and more. 

Award-winning team

Our award-winning designers work together to create unique brands. Our designers specialize in logo design, website design, product design, marketing collateral and more to bring our client’s brands to life. 

Our award-winning strategists research, position, and manage brands through positive customer experiences at every touch point, whether it be through advertising and digital marketing campaigns, social media, partnerships or another avenue.  

If you have a business or run an organization, you have a brand. A brand is not represented solely by the logo. A brand is what the market, or buyers, perceive to be true about your company or organization. 

We create brands to help shape the perception in a way that engages your target audience to take desired actions or to elicit positive emotions. Your brand strategy can then be tailored to your audience in order to drive measurable results. 


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