Social Media

We help our clients optimize the performance of their social media channels by creating social media strategies, campaigns, posts and stories that engage audiences. Everything from organic social media to paid advertising through each platform, social media is our specialty.

Social media can be complex to navigate on your own

Social media is as much about aesthetically appealing graphics and attention grabbing messaging as it is about data. We take a data-driven approach to our social media strategies to ensure we maximize the performance of each of your platforms.

Social media is a great way to tell your brand story to your clients and a new audience waiting to engage. Our deep expertise in social media comes from years of experience staying ahead of trends, understanding the algorithms, and how to drive the desired actions from our client’s audiences.

We learn to understand your marketing goals and objectives to ensure that we can deliver the right content to the right audience in the right way at the right time.

Whether you’d like to drive revenue, brand awareness, website traffic, thought leadership or personal branding for your leaders – we are here to help.

Provide value to your target audience through social media

We don’t just post on social media to post. We don’t necessarily promise a certain number of posts every week, either. We believe that every action taken on social should be strategic and valuable in nature so as not to force posts that won’t engage your audiences.

Whenever you post non-engaging posts on social media, the algorithms will see your brand as irrelevant to your audiences, and other brands will take your spot on news feeds.

Our clients need a tailored and customized approach for their social media channels. We look at data in every way to ensure we optimize your performance on your social media channels – what time of day is your target audience most active? What days of the week do they engage with most? What type of content performs best for your audiences? What social media channels are they using most? All these questions need to be answered to deliver the results you need to drive your marketing performance.

We specialize in these social media channels

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more. We also ensure that we stay on top of any up-and-coming social media channels and trends to ensure that we can ensure our clients can capitalize on social channels when necessary to stay one step ahead of your competition.


Advertising on social media can be a highly effective tool to grow your business. If not executed properly, however, it can also be an effective way to blow through your advertising budget with no return.

The art of advertising on social media

There are several tactics you can employ to increase the effectiveness of your ads on social media. Everything from testing different imagery, messages, keywords, call-to-actions, and more can help optimize the return on your investment in social media ads.

Knowing what you want to achieve and finding the optimal way to create the ads on social media is only the beginning.

Social media advertising audiences

Depending on the channels you are running your social media ads, there are several options to ensure that your ads are being delivered to the right audiences likely to take action and convert through your advertisement.

Take LinkedIn Ads for example, if your target market is CEOs of mid-size software companies in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, then you can set up your ads to deliver only to profiles on the platform that match your audience. By doing so, you know that your ads are only being delivered to the right people at the exact type of company that you need to reach.

You can select the cities themselves, the industry, job titles, and company size when creating your audience to maximize your return on investment, and only pay every time your target prospects click on the ad. You can even exclude the people who are already your clients if your goal is new client acquisition.

For Instagram and Facebook, for example, you can create lookalike audiences to ensure that your ads are only delivered to people who have a similar profile to your current audience engaging with your brand. This can be a very effective method if you are selling a product to a specific type of person (demographics, interests, engagement history, etc.). If you are an e-commerce store, you can also hook up your Shopify store to both platforms to deliver ads to those who have been viewing your products and are most likely to buy based on their interest level already.

There are so many ways to reach the right audience and deliver the right message to increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing. Get in touch with us at Meerkat Marketing to see how we can create strategies and ads that align with your marketing goals.


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