Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (vCMO)

Meerkat Marketing provides executive-level marketing strategy, consulting, and execution to help our clients drive better results from their marketing efforts.

Our Virtual Chief Marketing Officer Solutions

Our Virtual CMO solutions are perfect for filling a senior level gap within your marketing department. We work with clients who do not have a full-time marketer and need guidance, strategic planning, and implementation of marketing tactics as well as clients with large marketing departments that require a more strategic approach to improve the results and mentor their teams. Sometimes even just a fresh set of eyes is beneficial in order to generate new ideas and innovations to solving your marketing challenges.

Why Choose a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer?

Strategic Marketing Excellence

Our seasoned Virtual CMOs bring a wealth of experience crafting and executing strategic marketing plans and budgets. From market analysis to campaign optimization, we ensure your brand stays ahead in the competitive landscape.

Vendor Management Expertise

Navigating the vendor landscape can be overwhelming. Our Virtual CMOs streamline vendor relationships, ensuring you get the best value for every marketing dollar spent. We negotiate, manage, and optimize vendor partnerships to maximize ROI.

Marketing Team Leadership

Empower your existing team or build a new one. Our Virtual CMOs provide effective leadership, guiding your in-house marketing talent to achieve peak performance. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, we create a dynamic team culture that breeds success. If you need help building out a new marketing team, our Virtual CMOs can help identify the skills, expertise and experience needed to build a rockstar marketing team.

Flexible One-Person Marketing Team

Our Virtual CMOs can function as your one-person marketing powerhouse for businesses that require a lean approach. From strategy to execution, we handle it all, providing you with the expertise of a full marketing team without needing internal hires.

Why a Meerkat Chief Marketing Officer?

Local Expertise, Global Vision

Based in Ottawa, we understand the local market intricacies while keeping an eye on global trends to position your brand strategically.

Data-Driven Decisions

Our Virtual Chief Marketing Officers leverage data analytics to make informed decisions, ensuring every marketing effort is aligned with your business objectives.

Proven Track Record

With a history of successful Virtual CMO operations and satisfied clients, we bring a track record of excellence.

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Meet Kyle Turk, our Virtual Chief Marketing Officer leader

Strategic Marketing Leadership

Kyle Turk is a seasoned marketing leader with experience leading B2B marketing brands. He has a proven track record in growing organizations in a number of industries, including professional services, technology, commercial real estate, construction oil and gas, and more.

Meerkat Marketing takes a results-driven approach to their marketing. They understand business and how to optimize marketing plans to achieve growth objectives. I would highly recommend the team at Meerkat Marketing.”

Susan Richards, Managing Partner, numbercrunch


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