Content Marketing

As the saying in our industry goes, “Content is King”. We create content marketing strategies and produce high quality, engaging and unique content for our clients to drive real results.


We are a digital marketing agency in Ottawa that specializes in content creation. Whether it is creating copy for your website, blogs, whitepapers, how-to-guides, webinars or videos, we strategically create content to rank in search engines (SEO) and deliver valuable and engaging information to your audience.

Our content marketing strategies are unique to each of our clients and can range in execution to create content for social media, websites, email marketing, presentations, or to be used for lead generation campaigns.

Creating content for your website, blogging and other mediums to host on your website is one of the most effective ways to drive more traffic to your website and increase your brand awareness. Content can also be used for thought leadership purposes, to educate your audience and promote your expertise or leadership in your industry.

The content you create can help drive the customer journey and how they engage with your brand. Our content strategies revolve around content creation for each stage in the buyers journey and sales funnel to help drive real results.


Today’s marketers know that digital marketing is the new norm while traditional marketing tactics are becoming less and less relevant and effective. Creating content to “pull” audiences to engage with your brand, as opposed to “pushing” out traditional advertising, has become the more effective technique. When content marketing is done correctly, it can help engage in a value exchange with your prospects and clients to drive action.

Why content marketing?

Simply put, content marketing, if executed properly can be the strongest component to your marketing strategy.

Content marketing will increase your brand awareness and convert online visitors into paying customers. It drives more engagement on your social media channels, increases website traffic, improves your rankings in search engines, and creates loyal, long-term customers.

Why Meerkat Marketing?

Meerkat Marketing begins with understanding your business and marketing goals and develops content marketing strategies, executes content creation and implements metrics and goals for your content in order to build and optimize your current website for search and prospect engagement.

Our Process

  1. The first step in our process is developing a content marketing strategy, plan and calendar. This strategy guides the topics, creativity and objectives of each piece of content to be created.
  2. Once a content marketing strategy is created, we move to the execution and implementation of the content plan. We create the content that will resonate with your target audience and customer personas. Our content creators have years of experience in a variety of industries to create attention grabbing content.
  3. We create digital campaigns to get your content in front of the right audience at the right time. To ensure the full effectiveness of your content we utilize both organic and paid mediums to drive engagement and reach for the valuable content created.
  4. Measuring and optimizing your content to improve performance. We balance the creative-side of our content creation with a data-driven approach to measure which types of content drive more traffic, convert customers, and engage with your social audience. We use this data to optimize your content marketing strategy and produce better results for your efforts.


Get in touch with us to learn more about our content marketing solutions to help drive increased traffic to your website, promote your industry leadership, elevate your brand and ultimately drive revenues.


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