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LinkedIn 2022 In Review: What Worked & What Didn’t

We love to continuously monitor and analyze our clients data on LinkedIn to look for trends in what is working and what is not working in order to optimize performance on the platform. Through managing a number of brands spanning across multiple industries here’s some of our learnings on LinkedIn from 2022 in order to help you formulate your LinkedIn strategies and tactics for 2023.

What we’ve learned on LinkedIn from 2022:

1. LinkedIn is still a careers platform

Many of the top performing posts for our clients were career related. Welcoming new team members, career and professional accomplishments for their leaders and more.

What you should do in 2023

  • To help spread the news of new employees, have your new team members announce their move on to their personal page using the LinkedIn announcement template. This will provide the highest reach to ensure your brand is circulated and engaged with from their personal network and build new audiences for your brand.
  • Showcase the expertise of your leaders and employees by capturing and posting any professional accomplishments, awards or recognition. This will help to build your brand as an industry leader through your employees.

What not to do in 2023

  • Although you might create some personalized and beautiful graphics for your team members who are joining your team or for awards they won make sure that they do not “share” the post to their feeds, it will get little reach. Instead, have them post a new post organically to their network with a different caption and graphic or image to ensure it is unique. This will perform much better than sharing a company post (sharing company posts as employees gets very little reach on the platform).

2. Fundraising on LinkedIn performs better when your audience can connect people with the initiatives

If you can include visuals of the people at your company involved in the fundraising you will see much higher success with your fundraising posts. Some of the least engaged fundraising posts throughout 2022 for our clients were simply graphics with text and a caption for folks to donate or get involved with a cause. We found that LinkedIn audiences are apprehensive about engaging with fundraising posts unless they are engaging to salute the people behind the fundraising.

What you should do in 2023

  • Find ways to connect your people with the causes you are supporting in your posts
  • Use InMail for fundraising. You will be able to convert much higher for donations and although your LinkedIn inbox is likely filled with a lot of spam, (why won’t they stop!), folks are still keeping an eye on it and responding to messages that are relevant.

What not to do in 2023

  • Don’t over post your fundraising efforts and campaigns. They can be annoying and bothersome to some if you are always asking for money. Instead find ways to promote your campaigns with more content and stories

3. LinkedIn is still a social media platform. People want to connect with people. 

What you should do in 2023

  • Capture interesting moments and team activities for posts on LinkedIn
  • Use multiple photos rather than 1 image in your photo posts as they will have much higher reach from what we are seeing
  • Try to capture other industry leaders or influencers in your photos and tag them to expand your reach and engagement

What not to do in 2023

  • Your photos don’t have to be taken from professionals but ensure they are framed nicely and decent enough quality. Don’t post low resolution images on a LinkedIn company page, or at all for that matter
  • Don’t take images that aren’t interesting. We’ve seen it time and time again on LinkedIn a photo of a room with people at tables, sort of like an atmosphere shot. They aren’t interesting and don’t show any personality.

What do we predict for 2023?

In Q4 of 2022, we started to see the resurgence of thought leadership posts (tips and sharing expertise) performing really well on LinkedIn and expect it continue into 2023.

At the start of the pandemic, there was such an influx of thought leadership content that as the pandemic continued for an extended period of time folks grew tired of it. We noticed people just wanted to connect with people. In 2023, we expect to see more folks look to grow professionally again as well and invest time in consuming content that will help their careers and learn new skills, strategies and tactics.

We also expect video content in 2023 to continue to trend towards shorter, quicker content.


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