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Our Predictions for Branding Trends in 2021


What a year 2020 has been! This year has definitely changed the marketing landscape in a number of  ways. As the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm, so did consumer uncertainty. Businesses have had to adapt to new realities and establish deep personal and emotional connections with their audiences in order to keep their momentum or to stay afloat in today’s climate. 

With that said, we have put together a list of trends in branding we expect to see in the new year as businesses continue to evolve and adapt to consumers increasingly turning to the online sphere for business.


Branding Predictions for 2021


Brands will need to provide comfort 

Our predictions for 2021 are that the branding trends will focus on creating feelings of comfort, warmth, and trustworthiness.

Consumers need to be confident that the purchases they make are going to provide them with a sense of fulfillment and joy. With so much uncertainty in the economy and world around us, every little thing that consumers purchase will be to fulfill a need. Whether that need is physical or emotional, brands will need to relate to their audience and create authentic connections.  


Muted Colour Palettes

From a branding standpoint, we expect to see an increased presence of muted colour palettes. With branded colour palettes that are desaturated and softer, comes the feeling of being calm, safe and secure – something many consumers are craving right now. Muted colour palettes are also associated with a sense of modernity, progressiveness and healthiness. 


Black and White Logos

We also expect to see an increase of black and white logos. This classic look provides a sense of simplicity. Black typically represents power and strength while white represents a sense of peace, cleanliness and righteousness. Together they form completeness. With the significant changes taking place in consumers’ lives, many are left wanting to feel a sense of simplicity.


Realism in Stock Photos 

This has been trending for some time now, however we expect it to be even more prevalent in 2021. Stock photos have been around long enough that as soon as a consumer sees one, they can identify it as not being authentic. With the growing popularity of sites like unsplash and pexels offering free stock photography, a number of images and looks have become widespread and no longer serve to effectively form connections between the brand and their audience. Images that represent realism and authenticity will continue to become increasingly popular in 2021 as brands try to create real connections with their audiences. 


Brand Activism

Consumers want to buy from reputable brands who are doing their best to make the world a better place. We predict that we will see an even bigger push from brands to show their audience that they are sustainable, moral and socially responsible. Brands will be louder than ever when it comes to ensuring consumers know where they stand on social issues and what their values are. 


Influencer Marketing & User Generated Content

Brands will continue to push towards influencer marketing and having others advocate for their brand for them. Expect to see brands popping up more and more in the backgrounds of Tik Tok and Instagram influencers. Brands that can leverage their customers and the right influencers to create content and speak on their behalf will be able to create awareness and trust among audiences. 

With social distancing and potential lockdowns still on the agenda, we can expect more and more celebrities (actors, musicians, performers, athletes) who have had their careers limited, to turn to their social influence to earn their living. Celebrities that were once too expensive for brands have now become more readily available both from a time standpoint as well as financially. 


 With more businesses than ever before placing their focus on the online space, it’s important to make sure you stay ahead of the curve of the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of branding. If your business is in need of a branding update, inquire today to see how one of our experts can help you stand out in 2021.




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