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5 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual CMO


Virtual Chief Marketing Officers (Virtual CMO) are becoming increasingly popular as many businesses struggle to understand how they should be marketing during the pandemic. 

With the uncertainty and confusion of COVID-19 protocols and what language is acceptable to use in marketing materials and campaigns, business owners and marketers are looking for an adaptable, strategic direction and plan for their companies moving forward into 2021. 

We’ve outlined 5 benefits that a Virtual CMO can bring to your business to ensure your brand stays top of mind and relevant during the pandemic and uncertain times. 


A Strategic Marketer at a Fraction of the Cost

Senior marketers with experience creating successful marketing plans and departments can come with hefty price tags. If you’re a small business looking for a sustained marketing strategy that will drive real business results without making the investment in a full-time senior marketer, Virtual CMOs can help deliver. 

Everything from creating your strategy, content plan, brand voice, marketing budget, implementing marketing metrics and more, can be covered by a Virtual CMO. A Virtual CMO can help drive the direction of your marketing efforts to optimize your investment and help you achieve your business goals. 


Added Expertise and Mentorship for Junior Resources

If you’re a small business with a junior resource in marketing, a Virtual CMO can help build your team to add strategic expertise and experience. A Virtual CMO can act as a mentor and teacher to help grow your marketing talent already in place. A Virtual CMO can coach junior resources into understanding different marketing tactics and approaches, align their efforts with corporate objectives, and be a sounding board for new ideas and campaigns. 


Industry Knowledge & Strategic Partnerships

Once a strategy is in place, someone needs to execute on it. If you have a marketing resource at your small business, they can take on some of that workload. However, it is fair to assume that one person may not have the bandwidth to take on everything, i.e. website management, content creation, graphic design, lead generation, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media, branding, advertising, email marketing, public relations, etc. If you do not have a marketing resource, a Virtual CMO can put a plan in place to execute on the strategy and engage reputable external experts and agencies to deliver the results you need. 

Virtual CMOs have built relationships with industry professionals and agencies that can help deliver on your initiatives. They can speak the language to ensure that you don’t get taken advantage of by traditional marketing agencies and create strategic partnerships that will help your business both save money and drive revenues. 


Superior Marketing Skills

Virtual CMOs have developed a number of marketing skills over the years. A Virtual CMO can help execute your social media strategy, tweak your website to convert more potential leads, understand the performance of your campaigns, create the content to engage your audiences, optimize newsletter, generate leads, and much more. 

This senior expertise can be tapped to reach your business objectives. 


Adaptable and Flexible

Virtual CMOs have a lot of experience through different economic landscapes. They bring expertise and can understand why and how to market during different eras of economic activity. Take COVID-19 for example, there were a number of businesses that weren’t able to adapt their marketing efforts for months after the world went into quarantine. 

A Virtual CMO has the expertise and experience to adapt your marketing strategy on the fly and understands how to remain relevant and engaged with your audience. They can adjust strategies and plans and incorporate new approaches right away to ensure you optimize your marketing efforts to drive results no matter what situation is happening in the world. 

Virtual CMOs can benefit small businesses that are looking to grow their brands, businesses and revenues, as well as drive more effectiveness and efficiency in their marketing efforts. 

An objective perspective on your current marketing efforts, identifying gaps and re-aligning focus, and specialized expertise in marketing could be just what you need. Inquire today to see how a Virtual CMO can help you and your small business. 

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